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Durable Approach

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Durable Approach is a consulting agency specializing in burnout prevention and optimization of human capital in remote and hybrid-remote work models. While your team’s needs have not changed when working in these models, the methods and delivery of meeting these needs have. Wellness, psychological safety, motivation, and engagement needs have to be maintained and managed. 

Through webinars, workshops, coaching, and consulting, our specialists can help you continue to meet your team’s needs. Designed specifically for remote and hybrid-remote workers, our services are cost-effective, customizable, and delivered remotely by native speakers according to the desired amount of individualization and interaction. 

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what is a durable approach?


Our services are foundational, targeted, and comprehensive. We address the human capital needs of your team members individually, as a whole, and in relation to the team, department, and company. 


Our strategies are measurable and testable. We run individual, team, departmental, and company-wide Health Checks designed by psychologists before and after our services. This helps us diagnose what is needed and allows you to measure the results.



Our services are not short-term solutions. Interactive follow-up packages for self-care are available for all of our services to help solidify and maintain positive behavior modification for continuous impact.


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