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Hai Vo

Getting the job done through a profound understanding of the human spirit


Inspired that technology will help humanity live in harmony with the world, Hai sets out to help companies find their way in digital transformation by building inspired teams that get the job done.


Hai Vo finished his masters degree in Technology, Policy and Management at the Delft University of Technology in 2001. Ever since he has been on the frontline of technological innovation working in all kinds of technology spheres such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Social Media, Free to play Gaming, Affiliate Marketing, GIS systems, Serious Games, Chatbots and Blockchain. He is the bridge between policy makers, end users and the IT teams: Hai helps them understand each other to align all efforts so that project goals are reached efficiently.


For almost two decades Hai helped to build offshore IT teams, mostly Ukrainian, to deliver projects all over the world. From Amsterdam to Cape Town and from New York to Dubai. His strong interest to understand humanity and its cultures lead him to live in the Netherlands, South Africa, Vietnam, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. This experience honed his skills to build and coach multicultural project teams building a common culture of commitment and dedication to impact.


Hai’s clientele have been Deloitte, HERE.Com,, Fintech companies, Dutch government, Project developers all over the globe, Innovational Startups, IT Outsourcing companies, Gaming companies and wealthy individuals.


happiness officer

“The enlightened jack of all trades
Hai was the development adviser for WegwijsVR, a virtual reality app for all Dutch schools that teaches children to be safe in traffic. At WegwijsVR the project leader referred to Hai as some kind of “enlightened juggling artist”, always managing to keep all different operations afloat and streamlined, without ever getting flustered.”


Hai consults businesses on how they can attract and onboard the right IT specialists amidst the global wave of digital transformation. As a key success factor he ensures optimal engagement; focusing clearly on the WHY and empowering diverse team members by recognizing their own unique qualities. 

Hai is presently committed to Durable Approach as a recruiter, coach and consultant, combining his experience in development outsourcing and IT recruitment to solve the increasing demand in IT specialists in the Netherlands. The goal is to help companies scale up through developing motivated and engaged distributed teams .

The happier the team, the more impactful the output.

Covid-19 Impact
Growth Potential
Nadir Ahmed.jfif

Nadir Ahmed,
Financial Officer

 Hai is a great communicator and is very sociable as well, which makes him an excellent trainer. I am aware that he had set up the processes around response management relating to customer feedback at Empowa as well; which is further proof of his impressive skills of training people to effectively carry out processes for an organisation. I really enjoyed working with Hai and look forward to working interacting with Hai in the future as well.

Seema Malhan.jfif

Seema Malhan,
Scrum Master & Coach 

When you are in the quest of finding a job/direction that is within you and that you are ease at, reach out to Hai Vo. He will understand your professional as well personal experiences, will bring you to your own-self in a singe conversation and you will speak your mind and heart. Same happened with me. I feel that I have direction and motivation towards my capabilities. Thanks to Hai Vo. Much appreciated !!

Alexksandr Varnitsky, Phyton Developer

I highly appreciate Hai's support and useful advices during my making first steps in IT career. I am sure that without Hai's help in the beginning of the career my way could have been much harder till this moment. With Hai support I obtained significant experience and solid skills as a full python stack developer. I highly estimate Hai's tremendous experience in coaching which helped me to become more efficient and useful in all projects I was involved.

DA Pyramid.png

making it durable

After 10 years of Entrepreneurship in IT Hai' body and mind signaled clearly the need for more than just desks, desktops and desktops. Hai suffered from stress, fatigue and negativity. It was time to regain balance in body, mind and soul. Hai set out searching for a Durable Approach for himself and for the people he would work with.


For 14 years Hai gained extra skills as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Coach. This brought essential knowledge and insights in the 'human technology' and understanding that at the very core companies and their people need to resonate in their desired impact. By aligning personal character strengths and ambitions with company goals and mission, one can set a culture that fosters motivation, loyalty and creativity.

" The vast available research on burnout, positive psychology indicates and from companies like Google indicate the same. Companies need to build working cultures that promote physical, emotional and mental wellness, psychological safety, motivation and engagement to get the most out of their people.  This creates more innovation and productivity. Added bonus is the extra loyalty, reduction of replacement costs. "

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