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Coaching can be an effective method for identifying blindspots, overcoming persistent problems, and furthering optimization. Coaching allows for greater individualization, more time with the client, and continued personalized follow-up. This holds true with remote and hybrid-remote work models, but these models come with particular challenges. 

We specialize in three areas of coaching

1. Burnout prevention /  reversing pre-burnout impacts for professionals that wish to gain more energy, health and balance.

2. Settling in the Netherlands for expats that just arrived alone or with their family, to find connection, support and a sense of belonging.

3. Transformation coaching helping professionals that are stuck in their careers and wish to regain motivation, direction and fulfillment in work and life.


Remote and hybrid-remote work models are cost effective for companies and an attractive benefit for employees, but can negatively impact performance, productivity, innovation, and retention if they’re not managed correctly. There are many factors that must be considered when implementing these models and continuously monitored once implemented. Costs, autonomy, oversight, and connection are but a few. 


With more than 20 years of outsourcing experience we can consult companies how to build and motivated and engaged team, no matter where they work.  Key is to align the individuals desire for growth and challenge with company goals.

We specialize in assisting startups that are about to scale up through digital transformation. Here lies an opportunity and need to adjust the culture, build a more cost effective hybrid / remote team. An mondain job here, might be a dream job for someone else remote across the world. We profile, recruit and onboard to build the right team motivated to scale up successfully. 

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please use the contact form below. 

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